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Interior Contract Process

From concept to completion, ICS delivers Empowering Workplace Environments. Discover, Design, Deliver – Done!

Interior Contract ProcessDiscovery

Interior Contract Process - During the Discovery phase, our sales and design team will begin collaborating with you to:

  • inquire about or help to establish an approximate timeline
  • inquire about any budget requirements or help establish an approximate budget
  • acquire or develop a floor plan for your available office space
  • determine the number of individuals in your organization along with job titles & descriptions
  • identify any special requirements

Design Development

During the Design Development phase, our sales and design team will work closely with you to evaluate your office space to come up with the most effective space plan, taking into account:

  • ADA + Fire Code requirements
  • work style
  • job descriptions
  • workflow
  • ergonomics
  • corporate identity
  • fabrics & finishes
  • specification and bill of materials development

Delivery + Installation

Prior to and during the Delivery & Installation phase, your project manager will:

  • issue an electronic bill of materials to manufacturers for accuracy (spec check) and reserved manufacturing time prior to submitting purchase orders to all of the agreed upon suppliers.Orlando Office Furniture Process
  • work closely with the manufacturers to coordinate delivery dates.
  • Direct shipments to the job site; we also have the ability to consolidate shipments at our facility.
  • assign a team of factory trained installers with full background checks to install the furniture according to furniture plan and manufacturer’s warranty with all electrical connection to buildings power supply to be provided by others we work to complete the Process, our installation supervisor will:
    • walk through the facility with you, and note any punch list items which may need to be addressed.
    • work to complete any punch list items and make any necessary adjustments
    • request your approval and final sign-off.

Interior Contract Process Done!

After substantial completion, ICS will submit an invoice for all furniture products and services.  Your account manager will follow up with you to schedule a time to train and orient the users on the all of the furniture systems and related items.  ICS will follow up again within 60-90 days to be sure that all of your expectations have been met.  Please call us anytime we can be of service, and we will be there for you!

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