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Government Contracts

State,  Government, and Healthcare Contracts

shaking_hands_govtInterior Contract Services partners with many of our manufacturers to offer our State and Federal clients the opportunity to buy off of the State of Florida Contracts, as well as GSA and FSA contracts.

For our Healthcare clients, ICS has the ability to offer furniture through Healthcare Purchasing Agreements such as Novation, Premier, Omnicare, and Med Assets – among others.  Please give us a call for more information on furniture manufacturers who participate in some of the various Healthcare Purchasing Agreements.

For more information on GSA contracts, please call us at (407) 294-4141.

State of Florida
Contract Name: Furniture:
Contract Number: 420-420-10-1
Effective Dates: 05/31/2010 through 05/31/2016

Contract Name: Furniture:
Office and Files
Contract Number: 425-001-12-1
Effective Dates 03/01/2012 through 02/29/2016

Contract Name: Furniture:
Contract Number: 420-590-07-1
Effective Dates: 02-20-2007 through 02-19-2015

Please contact ICS at (407) 294-4141 for specific details on manufacturers contract numbers.