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Go Green

Go Green for our Future Generations
Environment-Friendly Office Solutions for the 21st Centurygo_green

At ICS we believe corporate responsibility extends far beyond business ethics and managing the bottom line. We consider ourselves a corporate citizen of the world, and our actions reflect our desire for our company and the global community to grow sustainability into the future. That means making informed, ecologically responsible choices every day. It means offering our customers the opportunity to choose green products and services. It means reducing our own use of precious resources in our own offices and decreasing the amount of waste we produce.

ICS is a Greenguard Certified Product Provider

Greenguard is an indoor air quality certification program design to quantify low-emitting materials and productions. This program establishes acceptable standards for interior products and testing protocols to improve indoor air quality.
Our commitment to environment responsibility is both far-reaching and simple. It involves small actions as well as complex systematic change.