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The Importance Of Design For Small Business Owners

Design matters for small businesses. This shouldn't be in dispute. Just take a look out there at the most popular companies for an example of how design and visual appeal matter. Coca-Cola. Recognizable design, visibly appealing, good branding = a wildly successful product. Apple. All the same attributes apply. The difference between these companies and your own isn't in WHAT they're marketing but in HOW they're marketing it. If you're a small business owner, you're filling a need in the marketplace and offering people something they want. If you're a successful small business owner, you're just doing that successfully.

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How To Tell If People In Your Office Like You

Do you remember the high-school cafeteria? You just wanted to be liked, to be accepted, and to have a place to sit - preferably with others. Sometimes it seems like not much has changed since then. The workplace can feel sometimes like a high-school cafeteria where we just want to be liked and get along with those around us. But how can we know just how well liked we are in our offices? It's all in the telltale signs. Do people ask for your opinion when an important decision needs to be made? Do they confide in you? Do they celebrate your success or use your name when greeting you? As simple as some of these questions may sound, they go a long way towards assessing your office popularity.

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3 Simple Ways To Make Your Workplace More Transparent

Transparency is important, both for your employees as well as for your customers. So what steps can you take to create a more transparent work place? There are 3.

1. Baseline where you are today. How does communication happen in your organization? How is the information around your office dissected?

2. Solicit Stakeholders. Make sure you stay in contact with the people that matter inside your organization and, of course, your customers.

3. Make it a project. Put an organizational structure into place to ensure that your workplace is as transparent as it can be!

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