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Teknion achieves Silver WELL certification

Toronto WELL

Teknion Corporation has announced that it is the first manufacturer in the world to receive WELL certification at the silver level under WELL v1 for its downtown Toronto showroom by meeting 100 per cent of the WELL Preconditions applicable to the Project Type in all Concepts.

“Teknion’s WELL Certified Silver award for their Toronto Showroom demonstrates outstanding healthy building leadership,” said Rick Fedrizzi, chairman and CEO of the International WELL Building Institute. “IWBI’s mission is to bring human health and wellness to the forefront of building practices globally, and it is leaders in the building and design industry such as Teknion that are helping to advance this movement.”

“Becoming the first manufacturer in the world to achieve WELL certification under WELL v1 speaks to the unwavering environmental commitment of everyone at Teknion,”

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The Importance Of Design For Small Business Owners

Design matters for small businesses. This shouldn't be in dispute. Just take a look out there at the most popular companies for an example of how design and visual appeal matter. Coca-Cola. Recognizable design, visibly appealing, good branding = a wildly successful product. Apple. All the same attributes apply. The difference between these companies and your own isn't in WHAT they're marketing but in HOW they're marketing it. If you're a small business owner, you're filling a need in the marketplace and offering people something they want. If you're a successful small business owner, you're just doing that successfully.

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Spotlighting Booksource And The Importance Of Office Design

We've talked before about the importance of office design, but if there's one thing that can be reiterated, it's this. Having an office with a cool, functional design and that is set apart and unique from your competitors has been shown in multiple employee studies to boost employee satisfaction which, in turn, leads to a boost in productivity. Why wouldn't you want to boost your productivity? Today we're going to take a look at the way Booksource, a book wholesaler, does office design.
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