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About Us

Producing Stellar Work-Space Environments since 1983

When it comes time to tackle a difficult challenge, who do you want by your side? A group of people who do the minimum required of them and go home, or a cohesive team of proven professionals dedicated to meeting your needs?

When you choose Interior Contract Services to be your office environment partner, you are enlisting the services of an exceptionally qualified, driven workforce ready and able to handle any situation. We stake our reputation not only on how we handle our customers needs, but who we choose to represent us. The office environment professionals who come to work every day at ICS are all customer-oriented, capable individuals for whom going above and beyond the call of duty is business as usual.

ICS = Incredible Customer Service

ICS incredible customer service depends on our knowledge and ability. Which is why we work to stay abreast of the latest developments in our industry, evaluating each new trend and deciding what works and what doesn’t. We provide our team members with the latest technical training, keeping our skill set fresh and growing.

The ICS team does much more than sell office furniture. We collaborate with our customers to provide top-to-bottom service, from the initial planning stage to long-term maintenance programs and everything in between. We are always available to answer any question and address any concern you may have and we welcome you to contact us at any time.


client_logosSome of our clients include:

  • UCF
  • OUC
  • Bank of NY
  • Florida Hospital
  • Orange County
  • Osceola County
  • National Airlines
  • Orlando PD

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Please call us at (407) 294-4141 or (888) 522-7680 anytime we can be of service, and we will be there for you!